Sunday, April 7, 2013

How Do You Like Your Cat-food, Wet or Dry

Meow Mix or Friskies?:
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It's been reported for weeks if not months that the only thing that might save Social Security is, oddly enough, the Republicans. Not out of principle or any concern for the common man, but simply out of refusal to work with Obama on his budget. LowBar and the Dims have shown they're more than willing to slash the social safety net. But in return, they want a few tax increases. And the Repubs are refusing to budge. So far. Something else needs to emphasized, and repeated, again and again: Social Security does not and has never contributed to the deficit. Social Security is its own fund, separate from the rest of the federal budget. It has no borrowing authority. It has never borrowed money from anywhere else in the budget. By law, it can't. It can't and it doesn't. When people spout nonsense about SS contributing to the deficit, set them straight. The country is deficit-spending through trillions spent on things such as never-ending war and on bank bailouts, not because Ma and Pa Kettle are collecting $1,200 a month in Social Security.

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