Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Schwartz/Syndicated: Concentrate!

Yer ol' (white) perfesser, who has been there, and done it, thinks the hardest part of acknowledging white privilege and admitting it, izzat it makes you face the fact, if you're white, that whatever you've accomplished, it has NOT been solely because of your native intelligence, wit and drive. (Shock!)
You have been helped along, often unknowing--subtly, but effectively, in unspoken ways--by the fact that you are NOT one of the 'despised' minorities and so have been provided avenues NOT available to others.
It's uncomfortable...Been there: and it is not surprising that so MANY privileged mediocrities like the fuckwitted Tucker Carlson and his ilk resist and deny it with every fiber of their shabby beings.

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