Monday, March 25, 2013

The Sublime M. Poisson Remembers "The Liberty"

Obama Doesn’t Seek Israeli Apology for American Youth's Killing

Watching President Obama kiss the butt of Bibi Netanyahu last week was as difficult to watch as Bibi's mutual kissing of Barack's rear end, no doubt owing to behind the scenes concessions by Obama that Americans, in what mainstream media call "our open and free democracy," will never be allowed to see. 

One may only assume it went something like, "You can keep stealing Palestinian land as long as you don't do it when I'm visiting, as American foreign policy appears to be too obvious when you do that.  And, oh yah, do you need more weapons for keeping Palestinians as screwed as any people on earth?" 

Telling signs were that Obama no longer insisted on a freeze to new settlements, and didn't mention the 1967 cease fire lines as the basis for a two state solution-- apparent in Bibi's massive grin.  Obama's latest "peace" plan appears to be that Israel may keep stealing Palestinian land and if the Palestinians don't accept this and negotiate, it is their fault there is no deal. 

Our government keeps burying Israel in "foreign aid," even after Israel sunk a US warship, the USS Liberty, with 34 killed and 171 wounded.  Crew members on the spy ship say they saw communications indicating that Israeli pilots knew they were attacking an American ship, apparently wanting the ship out of the way so that their actions against Arabs would not be recorded.

Our unprincipled government has never asked the Israeli government to apologize for murdering Americans like peace activists Rachel Corrie or Furkan Dogan, but on this trip, Obama asked Israel to apologize for killing 9 Turkish peace activists.  The reason is obvious-- foreign policy on behalf of our ruling Forces of Greed.  Turkey is needed to put the screws to the Syrians in the latest major regime change plot by the Obama regime, so Barack doesn't want uncooperative Turks  --@[100000566061019:2048:Jack Revolutionist]

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